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HotDog Professional 3.0 (Win 95)
(1 October)

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The official release of HotDog Professional 3, our powerful HTML editor, is available now.

Created specifically for 32-bit Operating Systems like Windows 95, this feature-packed program is the most powerful Web authoring tool on the market today.

  • Style Sheets
  • Dynamic Dialogue Builder
  • Dynamic Button Builder
  • Massive Plug-In Support
  • On-the-fly Image Conversion
  • Create Gif89a Animations
  • and much more...



(25 September)

SiteFX is the complete JavaTM suite. Thanks to the intuitive interface and superb built- in Help files, SiteFX is very user-friendly. In one handy bundle, SiteFX provides efficient tools that are all you need to bring your Web pages to life!
SiteFX features:
  • image animation & sound replay
  • browser status line messages
  • pulldown lists
  • clickable buttons
  • text animation
  • and much more!



Broadway Broadway
(23 September)
Broadway is our cool new Java-driven applet. Create complex scrolling LED-style marquees with this powerful and user-friendly tool.
Broadway features:
  • Multiple text lines, each with its own colour, speed, direction and behavior
  • Scroll left, right, up, down, overwrite or simply flash up text.
  • Include your own user-defined sprites



Flash Flash 2.0
(17 September)
Download the new improved version of our useful snaglet! Flash scrolls information in the status bar of your browser - welcome messages, 'what's new' information - whatever you like.
  • Multiple lines of text with individually specified behavior
  • Won't interfere with the display of URLs
  • More text effects



Egor The Animator
V.3.0 (10 Sep 1996)
Download the very latest release of the world's first commercial Java application is available now. Check out the on-line demo!
  • Multiple sprite animations
  • Sprite collision events
  • Mouse-over events
  • Built-in Image Conversion handles most formats
  • Interactive "joystick" user controls



Prices Slashed!!(22 May 1996)

Sausage Software announce new prices for 4 great Snaglets: Crosseye, Framegang, Dummy and Clikette. Now each only $US25.00!



Design Assistance?(22 May 1996)

Our award winning creative team can now help you add extra sizzle to your Web page. Need a special image or logo? A complete revamp? Would you like us to start from scratch? Get our graphic design team on the job now!



Bookworm (21 May 1996)

Put an unlimited number of hyperlinks in neat drop-down or scrollable menus. Specify fonts, sizes and styles. It's the best thing since sliced bread!



HotDog FREE for Australian Schools!(17 May 1996)

Australian Primary and Secondary schools can receive HotDog Standard (with ROVER) free for use on school premises. Simply e-mail



Swami (8 May 1996)

This brilliant little program makes child's play of sophisticated text effects and animations. You can specify fonts and colors, different types of scrolling effects, and so on. Check it out!



Dummy (7 May 1996)

Internet Publishing Made Easy! Dummy has been designed to take first-time Webpage authors firmly by the hand, providing a step-by-step guide to Webpage creation using pre-generated style templates and a range of user-selectable options.



HotDog 32-bit Pro & Standard (24 April 1996)

Check out HotDog 32-bit v.1.0 - available now for downloading! Written specifically for Windows 95, it's got tons of groovy new features that'll make life easier for novice newbies and veteran Webmasters alike.



Flash (15 April 1996)

Flash is a groovy little application that lets you display text like a tickertape on the browser's status line.



Clikette (17 April 1996)

Clikette is the easiest way to incorporate cool 3D buttons into your Web pages. Use the sample styles included, or build your own funky buttons.



HotDog 2.53 (14 May 1996)

The latest versions of HotDog Standard and HotDog Pro are now available - both are called version 2.53, and you can read all about 'em here. And here's a coooool bit of news - they're actually both the same program! (huh? how's that work?!?)



FrameGang (April 1996)

At last, an easy-to-use application that helps you use frames on your Web pages. Download your evaluation copy of Framegang now. We know you'll like it - or else! :-)



Weenies (March 1996)

Get cookin' with Weenies! They're sets of high-quality professionally-designed transparent GIF images, ready for use in your animations. Now you don't need to be a designer to create groovy animated graphics!



Crosseye (March/ April 1996)

An editing utility that enables users to create clickable hotspots on graphic images, without having to use the CGI script that is normally required to perform this task. These hotspots may be linked to URL addresses, providing your webpage’s readers with an instant jump to any website(s) you have chosen.



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