Review: Command & Conquer

The PlayStation is now welcoming real-time startegy games with open arms.

March 18, 1997

Completely engrossing
Developer: Westwood
Publisher: Westwood
Platform: PlayStation
Genre: Strategy

Thus far, PlayStation has been somewhat lacking in the strategy department. Only games like Carnage Heart and Vandal Hearts have really made any impact, both of which are recent creations. Now, Westwood is entering the genre with its port of PC megahit Command & Conquer.

In C&C, players can take control of one of two opposing global powers. Each side has a vast selection of vehicles and weaponry availble to its disposal. The cost of war isn't cheap, so it's the player's job to mine Tiberium, an alien ore of enormous value, to make money for war assets.

Just like the ported Saturn version, PSX C&C adds little to the existing game. A new remixed, redbook soundtrack and added transparencies round out the new improvements. The lowered resolution hurts somewhat as well, but players that have never played the PC version have nothing to worry about.

Unlike the Saturn version, this make contains the 15 extra hard levels from the Covert Operations campaign which adds to the overall replay value.

The PlayStation version of C&C may suffer tremendously from the lack of a multi-player feature and link up compatibility, but still comes off clean in the end.

Bottom Line: Buy it.

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