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Command & Conquer

The number one PC hit title has finally hit the Saturn.

Another great strategy game.
Publisher Westwood Studios
Developer Virgin Interactive
Platform Saturn
Released 12/ 20/ 1996
Genre Strategy
February 4, 1998

It's been a while since we last saw decent real-time strategy games on the consoles and now they seem to be coming through in force. In C&C, players take control of either GDI (GI Joe) or NOD (Cobra) - two opposing world powers. Each side has an array of vehicles and weaponry (these range from Flame Tanks to Commandos) available to its disposal. Of course, war isn't cheap, so it's the player's job to mine Tiberium, an alien ore of enormous value, to make money for war assets.

Based off the nearly two-year-old PC version, C&C adds little to the existing game. A new remixed, redbook soundtrack and added transparencies round out the new improvements. The lowered resolution hurts somewhat as well, but players who have never played the PC version have nothing to worry about. One thing that is undeniable is that the Saturn C&C suffers tremendously from the lack of a multi-player feature and/or NetLink compatibility. But, despite these shortcomings, C&C still manages to maintain its composure and come off as one of the best Saturn games yet.

Bottom Line: A must for Saturn owners.

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