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Edward Mendelson

Sausage Software's Egor Animator 3.1 ($99.95 list)--named for the mad scientist's assistant--does help you bring images to animated life, but the program's bugs and interface problems may make you think you're working with a monster. The program creates only Java animations and animated GIFs; it can't build any other kind of Java applet. But Egor gets the job done via a simple interface that doesn't require any programming skills.

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All of Egor's functions are accessed from a single tabbed interface with a toolbar at the top. There's no top-line menu, but most features are accessible through keyboard shortcuts. A built-in converter translates standard graphics formats into GIF or JPEG files with user-selectable levels of JPEG compression.

You can create multiple animations with separate settings for each and specify whether the animations bounce or overlap when they meet, or cause the browser to jump to another Web address. You can include a control panel next to your animation with buttons to change the animation's speed and direction, turn sound on and off, and control what happens when an object reaches the edge of the applet.

Egor won't create HTML pages, but it saves HTML code to the Clipboard for you to paste into an HTML editor. When your applet is completed, the program can upload all of the necessary files to a Web server.

Once you figure out Egor's cryptic menus, you can create animations easily, but watch out for bugs. If you quit the program without saving your changes, Egor won't prompt you to save, and your changes will be lost. An option to preview files in multiple browsers forces you to find each browser on your hard disk manually. And when we tried to preview with the viewer in the Sun JDK, Egor crashed.

Egor Animator 3.1 is fast and flexible, but interface and reliability problems prevent it from being a top choice.

Egor Animator 3.1. List price: $99.95. Sausage Software, Melbourne, Australia; fax, 613-9663-1096;

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