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Mobile Map Creation Tool Professional

Building on the popular freely distributable Mobile Map Viewer, the Creation Tool Professional provides an authoring system to generate Mobile Maps. Now it is a rapid step from standard geographic data to the compact 3D real-time Mobile Map format:

  1. Start with the raw data - whether from satellite remote sensing, surveying, digital cartography, or Geographical Information Systems:

    (a) Digital Elevation Data

    Digital Elevation Data Image

    (b) Land-cover data

    Land-cover Data Image

    (c) Position data for hyper-linked features and waypoints

    Point data from spreadsheet

  2. Input media descriptors in text format.(See format information for details.)

    Data parameters as text

  3. Compile the data in a fast batch process,

    Mobile Maps Compiler

  4. And output the 3D real-time Mobile Maps.

    Mobile Map - fast, compact, distributable

How to order Mobile Maps Creation Tool: Professional

Licenses Available:

Purchasing Information:

System Info:

  • Microsoft Windows: 98/95/3.1/NT

  • PC Pentium, 486dx

Key Features:

  • Create 3D real-time Mobile Maps "on the fly" or in large data sets

  • Facilitate powerful command-line batch processing of Mobile Maps

  • Integrate Mobile Maps into existing 2D or non-realtime software

  • Compile simple input text file formats into compact Mobile Maps output format

  • Drape landcover across DEM elevations

  • Include precise numerical coordinates from cartesian and geographic coordinate systems for instant 3D navigation

  • Place geographic markers and routes on the terrain

  • Freely distribute and sell the Mobile Maps you create via CDROM or the Internet

  • Distribute the Mobile Maps easily across a company intranet or via email

  • Do not limit your 3D presentation to technical GIS users or only those with client licenses

  • Make your data available on a wide corporate level or publish to a global audience

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