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Mobile Map Viewer 1.50

The world's most advanced 3D mapping browser is downloadable (500Kb) from this page. You can find out more about the Viewer first.


  1. Click on the link to begin downloading the Mobile Map Viewer 1.50 (500Kb):

  2. Choose to save this file ("mob150.exe") to a temporary folder such as c:\windows\desktop.

  3. Once it is downloaded, double click on "mob150.exe" to install it.

  4. After installation you do not need to restart, but you should refresh your Browser by clicking on the following button:

Want to know about patches, future upgrades and improvements? Use the form below:

Yes, let me know:


PC System Requirements

  • Windows 95/98/3.1
  • Microsoft compatible mouse
  • 500K download

Other Systems

Free Download

The Mobile Map Viewer 1.50 is a free program that can be downloaded and distributed (within the terms of the licence.txt file that accompanies it.)

Developer Resources

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