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Mobile Map Viewer 1.50

The corner-stone of the Mobile Maps concept: a freely distributable 3D real-time landscape viewer.

3D Real-time Mobile Map image

Natural landscapes are represented by Mobile Map data files, compact files that can be emailed or downloaded over the internet, and then visualised with the help of the Mobile Map Viewer.

Moving around the Mobile Maps is easy:

  • Walk freely on the surface of the earth.
  • Walk over water.
  • Levitate up to see over hills.
  • Click anywhere to teleport there.
  • Even look behind mountains with the Hand of God...

Download MM Viewer Click here to download the Mobile Map Viewer (400K)

To create and plan with the Mobile Map Viewer 1.11 interface see VisionRoute TM, a viewer offering enhanced features for route-planning, and route import/export capabilities.

System Info:

  • Microsoft Windows: 98/95/3.1
  • No graphics card required - achieves 30 frames/second on Pentiums
  • Hard-drive space less than 1 MB.

Key Features:

  • Dedicated geographic landscape system
  • Powerful real-time user-interface
  • Direct 3D interaction with waypoint and feature markers
  • Instant co-ordinate and distance information from spatial cursor

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