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Irish Secure Internet Services Ltd


Privacy is a fundamental aspect of many business transactions especially in relation to the transmission of confidential information. With the rapid growth of business transactions on the Internet, resulting in sensitive information being transmitted in data format more and more people are becoming concerned that such information would be transmitted with the highest level of security, and that  privacy would be guaranteed at all times.

Ireland has been at the forefront of protecting the right to privacy for all data forms including confidential or sensitive information transmitted via the Internet. The introduction of the E COMMERCE BILL by the Irish Government now guarantees complete privacy by law. Ireland is now acknowledged as one of the most secure locations for Internet hosting.


Irish Secure Internet Services ( ISIS ) located in the Midlands of Ireland provides Web and email hosting services including secure commerce web services, and secure web based email for  small and medium sized commercial and voluntary organisations.  ISIS recognises the importance of security and privacy in relation to all Internet transactions whether its online shopping, or emails which may contain confidential or sensitive information.

Our policy is to provide our customers with the highest standards of security and our web and email servers are designed to offer the maximum level of security and privacy. It is also our policy to offer a comprehensive, efficient, and professional service on a one to one basis to a limited number of specially selected customers.

ISIS management and technical teams understand the internet, our roots go back seven years and have been operating a secure server for nearly four years. In addition to web and email hosting ISIS also have a team of highly qualified web designers who can produce web pages in HTML or Flash. Our technical team are also available to offer a comprehensive technical support service.

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