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Mounted Squad
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The Mounted Squad Today

The authorized strength of the Mounted Squad in 2004 is one Sergeant and six Constables. The squad presently has nine horses ranging in age from four years old to twenty-three years old. Although our horses represent many different breeds, the unit has had the greatest success with the purchase of draught horse crosses.

The functions of today’s Mounted Squad are many and varied. While the horses can still be seen patrolling the over 1000 acres and 125 miles of roads and trails of Stanley Park, you are just as likely to see them at Granville and Davie or Main and Hastings. The Mounted Squad has also taken on a much larger role in the management of crowds at demonstrations and large events.

As always, the Mounted Squad continues to enjoy its public relations and ceremonial role. In addition, our attendance at many formal ceremonies, we are regular participants at the Cloverdale Rodeo Parade, the Canada Day Parade in North Vancouver , the “Spirit of the Sea” Parade in White Rock and the Santa Claus Parade in Vancouver .

The Mounted Squad’s commitment to the youth of Vancouver and their education continues with our guided tours of the stables and the occasional visit to Vancouver-area schools. The “Collector’s Trading Card Program” continues which encourages children of all ages to approach a constable on horseback and request a card.

The Mounted Squad stables are located in the service yards of Stanley Park near the Rose Gardens.


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